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ATV Training

Official Venue for EASI - European ATV Safety Institute Training

EASI Quad Bike Training Course Wales

EASI ATV Quad Bike Training Course Cardiff

Our farm is a recognised venue for EASI (European ATV Safety Institute) Training. Qualified EASI instructors can deliver ATV Rider Training, a practical and enjoyable course which demonstrates safe riding techniques, protective equipment, pre-ride inspections and risk assessment.

ATV Rider Training provides an introductory ATV safety course. Anyone purchasing a new Honda, Kawasaki, Polaris, Suzuki or Yamaha ATV through an authorised UK dealer may be entitled to a free or subsidised EASI ATV Rider training course. The course takes 4 ½ hours to complete, and will include:

  • Introduction to Safety Awareness
  • Safety Equipment
  • ATV Controls and Pre-ride Checks
  • Starting Procedures
  • Gears and Brakes
  • Turning
  • Quick Stops and Swerves
  • Riding Strategies
  • Riding over Obstacles
  • Riding on Hills
  • Safe Riding Practices

We now also train SBS vehicle riding - Side by Sides!

Quad Bike Training Course Cardiff