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Getting married? We can bring our Archery and Laser Shooting activities to your wedding!

Providing there’s a space big enough for us to use at the venue, indoors or outdoors, we can bring our Archery and Laser Shooting activities to you, whatever the event!

Archery is an ancient activity, it was used for combat and hunting back in the day but nowadays it’s all about having fun! Our instructor will show you the techniques of Archery, how to properly stand, aim and fire!! You shoot at targets which we can use to keep score if you’d like a winner at the end of the day! Down to 8yo can usually take part.

Laser Shooting is a great activity as its gives your guests a chance to have a go at a shooting activity without having bruises from powerful kick backs! We have 5 shotguns that have been modified to fire a totally harmless laser beam now rather than cartridges. The guns are still a bit heavy but there is no kick back from them. We have an outdoor system for dry days, where you shoot at clays flying through the air but we also have an indoor system for those typical wet Welsh days where its random targets that light up around a room for you to shoot at. We play various games and there’s a scoreboard that keeps a running score for each person, so again, a winner at the end of the day if you want! There is no age restriction but children need to be able to hold the gun, but we do have stands available to help them too.

You can hire either activity for any length of time, half day, full day, just an hour. We’ll come up with a schedule to suit your day and number of guests and price it accordingly for you.

We just need a decent amount of outdoor or indoor space for the activities and we’ll take care of the rest.

Have a look at our images and videos of Archery and Laser Shooting. If you’d like a price for having Archery or Laser Shooting at your wedding please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’ll ask the date, location, number of guests, time/length you want.

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